Comparing NCLU and vtysh Commands

Using NCLU is the recommended way to configure routing in Cumulus Linux; however, you can use the vtysh modal CLI.

The following table shows the FRRouting commands and the equivalent Cumulus Linux NCLU commands.

ActionNCLU CommandsFRRouting Commands
Display the routing table
cumulus@switch:~$ net show route
switch# show ip route
Create a new neighbor
cumulus@switch:~$ net add bgp autonomous-system 65002
cumulus@switch:~$ net add bgp neighbor
switch(config)# router bgp 65002
switch(config-router)# neighbor
Redistribute routing information from static route entries into RIP tables
cumulus@switch:~$ net add bgp redistribute static
switch(config)# router bgp 65002
switch(config-router)# redistribute static
Define a static route
cumulus@switch:~$ net add routing route bridge 45
switch(config)# ip route bridge 45
Configure an IPv6 address
cumulus@switch:~$ net add interface swp3 ipv6 address 3002:2123:1234:1abc::21/64
switch(config)# int swp3
switch(config-if)# ipv6 address 3002:2123:1234:1abc::21/64
Enable topology checking (PTM)
cumulus@switch:~$ net add routing ptm-enable
switch(config)# ptm-enable
Configure MTU in IPv6 network discovery for an interface
cumulus@switch:~$ sudo cl-ra interface swp3 set mtu 9000
switch(config)# int swp3
switch(config-if)# ipv6 nd mtu 9000
Set the OSPF interface priority
cumulus@switch:~$ net add interface swp3 ospf6 priority 120
switch(config)# int swp3
switch(config-if)# ip ospf6 priority 120
Configure timing for OSPF SPF calculations
cumulus@switch:~$ net add ospf6 timers throttle spf 40 50 60
switch(config)# router ospf6
switch(config-ospf6)# timer throttle spf 40 50 60
Configure the OSPF Hello packet interval in number of seconds for an interface
cumulus@switch:~$ net add interface swp4 ospf6 hello-interval 60
switch(config)# int swp4
switch(config-if)# ipv6 ospf6 hello-interval 60
Display BGP information
cumulus@switch:~$ net show bgp summary
switch# show ip bgp summary
Display OSPF debugging status
cumulus@switch:~$ net show debugs
switch# show debugging ospf
Show information about the interfaces on the switch
cumulus@switch:~$ net show interface
switch# show interface
To quickly check important information, such as IP address, VRF, and operational status, in easy to read tabular format:
switch# show interface brief