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What's New

This document supports the Cumulus Linux 5.5 release, and lists new platforms, features, and enhancements.

What’s New in Cumulus Linux 5.5.1

Cumulus Linux 5.5.1 provides a new SDK and firmware version, and includes a bug fix to resolve a link degradation issue.

What’s New in Cumulus Linux 5.5.0

Cumulus Linux 5.5.0 supports new platforms, contains several new features and improvements, and provides bug fixes.

Early access features are now called beta features.


  • NVIDIA SN3750-SX (100G Spectrum-2) continues to be in beta

The NVIDIA SN3750-SX switch is available for beta and open to customer feedback. Do not use this switch in production; it is not supported through NVIDIA networking support.

New Features and Enhancements

Changed Commands
New Commands

Cumulus Linux 5.5 includes the NVUE object model. After you upgrade to Cumulus Linux 5.5, running NVUE configuration commands might override configuration for features that are now configurable with NVUE and removes configuration you added manually to files or with automation tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet. To keep your configuration, you can do one of the following:

Cumulus Linux 3.7, 4.3, and 4.4 continue to support NCLU. For more information, contact your NVIDIA Spectrum platform sales representative.