If you are using the current version of Cumulus Linux, the content on this page may not be up to date. The current version of the documentation is available here. If you are redirected to the main page of the user guide, then this page may have been renamed; please search for it there.

Troubleshooting Log Files

The only real unique entity for logging on Cumulus Linux compared to any other Linux distribution is switchd.log, which logs the HAL (hardware abstraction layer) from hardware.

Read this guide on NixCraft to understand how /var/log works.

Log File Descriptions

/var/log/aptInformation from the apt utility. For example, from apt-get install and apt-get remove.
/var/log/audit/*Information stored by the Linux audit daemon, auditd.
/var/log/autoprovisionOutput generated by running the zero touch provisioning script (ZTP).
/var/log/boot.logInformation that the system logs when the switch boots.
/var/log/btmpInformation about failed login attempts. Use the last command to view the btmp file. For example:
cumulus@switch:~$ last -f /var/log/btmp | more
csmgrd.logISSU errors and information.
/var/log/dpkg.logInformation that the system logs when you install or remove a package with the dpkg command.
/var/log/frr/*FRR - Used to troubleshoots routing, such as an MD5 or MTU mismatch with OSPF.
ifupdown2Information that the system logs from the network interface manager (ifupdown2).
/var/log/installer/*Directory containing files related to the installation of Cumulus Linux.
/var/log/lastlogFormats and prints the contents of the last login log file.
mstpdSpanning Tree Protocol service errors and information.
/var/log/nginxErrors and processed requests in NGINX.
/var/log/ntpstatsLogs for network configuration protocol.
/var/log/nvued.logLog file for NVUE.
/var/log/openvswitch/*ovsdb-server logs.
/var/log/ptmdPrescriptive Topology Manager (PTM) errors and information.
/var/log/switchd.logThe HAL log for Cumulus Linux.
This is specific to Cumulus Linux. The system logs switchd crashes here.
/var/log/syslogThe main system log, which logs everything except auth-related messages.
The primary log; grep this file to see what problem occurred.
/var/log/wtmpLogin records file.