What's New

This document supports the Cumulus Linux 5.8 release, and lists new platforms, features, and enhancements.

What’s New in Cumulus Linux 5.8.0

Cumulus Linux 5.8.0 contains several new features and improvements, and provides bug fixes.

Cumulus Linux 5.8.0 provides a critical bug fix to correct FRR log rotation settings for Cumulus Linux 5.6 and 5.7. Refer to issue ID 3766994 in the Cumulus Linux 5.8 Release Notes.

NVIDIA recommends you use the Cumulus Linux 5.8.0 release for Spectrum-X Reference Architecture 1.0.

New Features and Enhancements

  • PTP is now generally available on Spectrum-4 switches
  • PTP one step clock timestamp mode is now generally available on Spectrum-4 switches
  • PTP Noise Transfer Servo
  • Force PTP version
  • Improved SyncE and PPS noise transfer algorithm on the NVIDIA SN3750-SX switch
  • SyncE support at 1G speed (optical)
  • SyncE Clock Identity set according to ITU-T G.8264
  • Warmboot support for VXLAN EVPN available for Beta (without support for EVPN MLAG or EVPN multihoming)
  • Warmboot support for 802.1X
  • 802.1X multi host mode
  • NVUE command to keep SVIs always UP
  • Stage an NVUE startup.yaml file during binary image installation from Cumulus Linux
  • Improved cl-support script to prevent switch disruption
  • Minimized data retrieval for the NVUE nv show router nexthop rib and nv show vrf <vrf> router rib ipv4 route commands
  • Improved tab completion for NVUE routing commands
  • New NVUE Commands

The repository key stored in Cumulus Linux 5.5.0 and earlier has expired. Before performing a package upgrade to Cumulus Linux 5.8.0 from Cumulus Linux 5.5.0 and earlier, you must install the new key. See this knowledge base article.

Cumulus Linux 5.8 includes the NVUE object model. After you upgrade to Cumulus Linux 5.8, running NVUE configuration commands might override configuration for features that are now configurable with NVUE and removes configuration you added manually to files or with automation tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet. To keep your configuration, you can do one of the following:

Cumulus Linux 3.7, 4.3, and 4.4 continue to support NCLU. For more information, contact your NVIDIA Spectrum platform sales representative.