If you are using the current version of Cumulus NetQ, the content on this page may not be up to date. The current version of the documentation is available here. If you are redirected to the main page of the user guide, then this page may have been renamed; please search for it there.

Upgrade NetQ Agents

With NetQ 2.4, there are a couple of instances when you should upgrade your NetQ Agents:

  • You upgraded NetQ Platform(s) or NetQ Appliance(s) to NetQ 2.4.1
    • Important fixes are included in this new version. Follow the instructions provided in the following topics based on the OS that is running on a monitored switch or host.
  • You installed the NetQ 2.4.0 agent, and are not upgrading to NetQ 2.4.1
    • In this case you need to verify the particular version you have installed to determine if an update is required. Refer to Update NetQ 2.4.0 Agents.