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What's New

NVIDIA NetQ 3.2 eases your customers deployment and maintenance activities for their data center networks with new configuration, performance, and security features and improvements.

What’s New in NetQ 3.2.1

NetQ 3.2.1 contains bug fixes.

What’s New in NetQ 3.2.0

NetQ 3.2.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Profile-based switch configuration management for system parameters with one-click configuration push to multiple switches reduces errors and configuration time required by manual configuration
  • Simple and intuitive GUI to install and upgrade the NetQ Platform, Collector, and Agent software simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime
  • Login password security check and auto-expiration along with a user audit trail improve application compliance and security
  • Detection of congestion and latency issues in real-time with WJH increases visibility into switch performance
  • Detection of optical transceiver performance degradation (Digital Optical Monitoring) enables proactive avoidance of network downtime
  • Detection of Layer 1 link flapping expands real-time and historical interface validation
  • Intuitive textual descriptions of actions (creation, moves, deletion) on MAC addresses provide an easy to understand, precise history of MAC addresses in the network fabric

Upgrade paths for customers include:

  • NetQ 2.4.x to NetQ 3.2.1
  • NetQ 3.0.0 to NetQ 3.2.1
  • NetQ 3.1.x to NetQ 3.2.1
  • NetQ 3.2.0 to NetQ 3.2.1

Upgrades from NetQ 2.3.x and earlier require a fresh installation.

For information regarding bug fixes and known issues present in this release, refer to the release notes.