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Removed Commands

This topic lists all commands that have been deprecated from NetQ 1.4.1 and later releases. They are listed alphabetically by command name.

CommandAlternate CommandLast Available Release
netq check license, netq show license, netq show unit-tests licenseCumulus Linux license checks are no longer needed in order for NetQ to operate.3.3.1
netq check lnv, netq show lnvLNV was deprecated in Cumulus Linux 3.7.4 and was removed from Cumulus Linux 4.0.0. NetQ continues to support and return LNV data as long as you are running a supported version of Cumulus Linux earlier than 4.0.0). For information on the support timeline, read this knowledge base article.2.4.1
netq config ts (add | del | show) (notifier | server)netq (add | del | show) notification and netq config (add | del | show) (agent | cli server)2.1.0
netq config ts (start | stop | status | restart) notifierNone. No longer necessary.2.1.0
netq config ts decommissionnetq config del agent server2.1.0
netq examplenetq help2.1.0
netq helloNone2.4.0
netq resolveNone2.1.0
netq-shellNone. The netq-shell has been removed because all NetQ commands can be run from any node where a NetQ Agent is installed.2.1.0
netq [<hostname>] show dockernetq [<hostname>] show kubernetes2.1.0
netq update opta config-key <text-opta-key>netq install opta activate-job config-key <text-opta-key>2.4.0
netq upgrade opta tarball (<text-tarball-name> | download | download <text-opta-version>) [proxy-host <text-proxy-host> proxy-port <text-proxy-port>]netq upgrade bundle <text-bundle-url>2.4.0
netq query <wildcard-query> [json]None1.4.1
netq query show fields <netq-table>None1.4.1
netq query show tablesNone1.4.1