NVIDIA Cumulus NetQ 4.0 Release Notes

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4.0 Release Notes

Open Issues in 4.0.0

Issue IDDescriptionAffectsFixed
UI: If either the peer_hostname or the peer_asn is invalid, the full screen BGP Service card does not provide the ability to open cards for a selected BGP session.2.3.0-2.4.1, 3.0.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
NetQ UI: Warnings might appear during the post-upgrade phase for a Cumulus Linux switch upgrade job. They are caused by services that have not yet been restored by the time the job is complete. Cumulus Networks recommend waiting five minutes, creating a network snapshot, then comparing that to the pre-upgrade snapshot. If the comparison shows no differences for the services, the warnings can be ignored. If there are differences, then troubleshooting the relevant service(s) is recommended.3.0.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
Infra: Rarely, after a node is restarted, Kubernetes pods do not synchronize properly and the output of netq show opta-health shows failures. Node operation is not functionally impacted. You can safely remove the failures by running kubectl get pods | grep MatchNodeSelector | cut -f1 -d' ' | xargs kubectl delete pod. To work around the issue, do not label nodes using the API. Instead label nodes through local configuration using kubelet flag “–node-labels”.3.1.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
NetQ CLI: Occasionally, when a command response contains a large number of objects to be displayed the NetQ CLI does not display all results in the console. When this occurs, view all results using the json format option.3.3.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
NetQ Agent: If a NetQ Agent is downgraded to the 3.0.0 version from any higher release, the default commands file present in the /etc/netq/commands/ also needs to be updated to prevent the NetQ Agent from becoming rotten.3.0.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
Multiple CLI commands execution simultaneously fails3.3.0-3.3.1, 4.0.0
2661988 Rerunning a validation in the UI or the CLI can return the same error if the query includes special characters, such as + or :.4.0.0
2663274 You cannot set a validation filter for sensor validations.4.0.0
2663534 Validation check filtering is only applied to errors in validation results and is not applied to warnings in validation results.4.0.0

Fixed Issues in 4.0.0

Issue IDDescriptionAffects
NetQ UI: The legend and segment colors on Switches and Upgrade History card graphs sometimes do not match. These cards appear on the lifecycle management dashboard (Manage Switch Assets view). Hover over graph to view the correct values.3.0.0-3.3.1
The netqd daemon logs a traceback to /var/log/netqd.log when the OPTA server is unreachable and netq show commands are run.3.1.0-3.3.1
2611898 Fixed an issue where deleting a snapshot does not remove the snapshot card from the workbench. However, the workbench might refresh before the deleted snapshot’s card is removed. During the refresh, you may notice a brief flashing. This is expected behavior and you can safely ignore the flashing.4.0.0