NVIDIA Cumulus NetQ 4.1 User Guide

NVIDIA® Cumulus NetQ™ is a highly scalable, modern network operations tool set that utilizes telemetry for deep troubleshooting, visibility, and automated workflows from a single GUI interface, reducing maintenance and network downtime. It combines the ability to easily upgrade, configure and deploy network elements with a full suite of operations capabilities, such as visibility, troubleshooting, validation, trace and comparative look-back functionality.

This guide is intended for network administrators who are responsible for deploying, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting the network in their data center or campus environment. NetQ 4.1 offers the ability to easily monitor and manage your network infrastructure and operational health. This guide provides instructions and information about monitoring individual components of the network, the network as a whole, and the NetQ software applications using the NetQ command line interface (NetQ CLI), NetQ (graphical) user interface (NetQ UI), and NetQ Admin UI.