Events and Notifications

Events provide information about how a network and its devices are operating during a given time period. They help with troubleshooting and alert network administrators to potential network problems before they become critical. You can view events in the UI or CLI and receive notifications about events via Slack, PagerDuty, syslog, email, or a generic webhook channel.

NetQ captures three types of events:

  • System events: a wide range of events generated by the system about network protocols and services operation, hardware and software status, and system services
  • Threshold-crossing events: a user-specified set of system-related events based on threshold values
  • What Just Happened events: network hardware events for NVIDIA Spectrum™ switches

You can track events in the NetQ UI by selecting the menu and navigating to Events or What Just Happened. Alternately, use the CLI to monitor events using the netq show events and netq show wjh-drop commands.