What's New

This page summarizes new features and improvements for the NetQ 4.10 release. For a complete list of open and fixed issues, see the release notes.

What’s New in NetQ 4.10.1

NetQ 4.10.1 provides all the same new features and enhancements as NetQ 4.10.0, and in addition, supports NetQ Lifecycle Management switch upgrades to Cumulus Linux 5.9 for switches configured with NVUE.

What’s New in NetQ 4.10.0

NetQ 4.10 integrates with Base Command Manager (BCM), a toolkit to streamline cluster provisioning, workload management, and infrastructure monitoring. With Base Command Manager and NetQ, administrators can monitor telemetry data and perform health checks on a network’s fabric.

Base Command Manager 10 also provides a Kubernetes wizard to manage NetQ provisioning for high availability, on-prem single or multi-node clusters. Using the wizard, administrators can:

  • Avoid port conflicts between BCM and NetQ
  • Verify that all the installation prerequisites are met
  • Choose between single-node or high-availability deployments
  • Configure files and directories in exclude lists
  • Synchronize clocks
  • Deploy the NetQ server
  • Connect the cluster management daemon, CMDaemon, to the NetQ server to pull telemetry data

To get started, refer to the Base Command Manager administrator and containerization manuals.

NetQ 4.10.0 does not support upgrading switches to Cumulus Linux version 5.9 with NetQ Lifecycle Management. To upgrade switches manually, see Upgrading Cumulus Linux.

Upgrade Paths

For deployments running:

Compatible Agent Versions

The NetQ 4.10.1 server is compatible with NetQ Agent 4.9 or later. You can install NetQ Agents on switches and servers running:

  • Cumulus Linux 5.0.0 or later (Spectrum switches)
  • Cumulus Linux 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 (Broadcom switches)
  • SONiC 202012
  • CentOS 7
  • RHEL 7.1
  • Ubuntu 20.04

You must upgrade to the latest agent version to enable 4.10 features.

Switches running Cumulus Linux 5.9 require the NetQ 4.10 or later agent package. See Install NetQ Agents.