NetQ CLI Changes

New Commands

The following table summarizes the new commands available with this release.

netq install cluster master-initInitialize cluster master installation.4.2.0
netq install cluster worker-initInitialize cluster worker installation.4.2.0
netq show statusDisplay installation status.4.2.0
netq config add cli proxyAdds a new proxy server to the CLI configuration.4.2.0
netq check roceValidation for RoCE.4.2.0
netq show unit-tests roceDisplay validation checks for RoCE.4.2.0
netq config [start|stop|status|restart] opta
netq config add opta config-key
netq config add opta proxy-host
netq config del opta proxy-host
On-switch OPTA configuration commands.4.2.0

Modified Commands

The following table summarizes the commands that have changed with this release.

Updated CommandWhat ChangedVersion
netq config del cliAdded proxy option to remove a proxy server from the CLI configuration.4.2.0
netq traceAdded debug option to netq trace.4.2.0