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NVLink4 Installation Management

System Requirements and Installation

Follow the installation instructions for the NetQ on-premises deployment with a server cluster arrangement. This arrangement requires 3 worker nodes. Each node requires the following:

ResourceMinimum Requirements
ProcessorSixteen (16) virtual CPUs
Memory64 GB RAM
Local disk storage500 GB SSD with minimum disk IOPS of 1000 for a standard 4kb block size
(Note: This must be an SSD; use of other storage options can lead to system instability and are not supported.)
Network interface speed1 Gb NIC
HypervisorKVM/QCOW (QEMU Copy on Write) image for servers running CentOS, Ubuntu, and RedHat operating systems

After ensuring you have the minimum system resource requirements, follow the installation instructions for either a KVM hypervisor or VMware hypervisor.