Decommission Switches

You can decommission a switch or host at any time. You might need to do this when you:

  • Change the hostname of the monitored switch or host
  • Move the monitored switch or host from one data center to another
  • RMA the monitored switch or host

Decommissioning the switch or host removes information about the switch or host from the NetQ database. When the NetQ Agent restarts at a later date, it sends a connection request back to the database, so NetQ can monitor the switch or host again.

Decommission from the CLI

To decommission a switch or host:

  1. On the given switch or host, stop and disable the NetQ Agent service:

    cumulus@switch:~$ sudo systemctl stop netq-agent
    cumulus@switch:~$ sudo systemctl disable netq-agent
  2. On the NetQ On-premises or Cloud Appliance or VM, decommission the switch or host:

    cumulus@netq-appliance:~$ netq decommission <hostname-to-decommission>

Decommission from the NetQ UI

You can decommission a switch or host from the NetQ UI using the Inventory/Devices card. This stops and disables the NetQ Agent service on the device, and decommissions it from the NetQ database.

  1. Expand the Inventory/Devices card to list the devices in the current inventory:
inventory card displaying 12 hosts and 12 switches
  1. Select the devices to decommission, then select the decommission icon above the table:
expanded inventory card with one device selected
  1. Confirm the devices to decommission:
confirmation dialog with a list of devices
  1. Wait for the decommission process to complete, then select Done.