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Application Layer Protocols

The only application layer protocol monitored by NetQ is NTP, the Network Time Protocol.

You can use the netq show ntp command to view the time synchronization status for all devices or filter for devices that are either in synchronization or out of synchronization, currently or at a time in the past.

The syntax for the show commands is:

netq [<hostname>] show ntp [out-of-sync|in-sync] [around <text-time>] [json]
netq [<hostname>] show events [severity info | severity error ] message_type ntp [between <text-time> and <text-endtime>] [json]

View Current Time Synchronization Status

You can view the current status of all devices regarding their time synchronization with a given NTP server, stratum, and application.

show ntp

View Devices that are Out of Time Synchronization

When a device is out of time synchronization with the NetQ server, the collected data might be improperly processed. For example, the incorrect timestamp could be applied to a piece of data, or that data might be included in an aggregated metric when it should have been included in the next bucket of the aggregated metric. This could make the presented data slightly off or give an incorrect impression.

show ntp out-of-sync

View Time Synchronization for a Given Device

Include the hostname to view NTP status for a particular device.

leaf01 show ntp

View NTP Status for a Time in the Past

If you find a device that is out of time synchronization, you can use the around option to get an idea when the synchronization broke.

show ntp 7d

View NTP Events

If a device has difficulty remaining in time synchronization, you might want to look to see if there are any related events.

show events type ntp
show events type ntp between now and 7d