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Use the CLI to monitor interface (link) health using the netq show interfaces command.

The syntax for interface commands is:

netq show interfaces type (bond|bridge|eth|loopback|macvlan|swp|vlan|vrf|vxlan) [state <remote-interface-state>] [around <text-time>] [json]
netq <hostname> show interfaces type (bond|bridge|eth|loopback|macvlan|swp|vlan|vrf|vxlan) [state <remote-interface-state>] [around <text-time>] [count] [json]
netq [<hostname>] show events [severity info | severity error ] message_type interfaces [between <text-time> and <text-endtime>] [json]

View Status for All Interfaces

Viewing the status of all interfaces at one time can be helpful when you are trying to compare the configuration or status of a set of links.

show interfaces

View Interface Status for a Given Device

View the status of interfaces on a specific device.

spine01 show interfaces

View All Interfaces of a Given Type

View the status of a particular type of interface.

show interfaces type bond state

View the Total Number of Interfaces

To display the number of interfaces currently operating on a device, use the hostname and count options together.

leaf03 show interfaces count

View the Total Number of a Given Interface Type

View the number of interfaces of a particular type on a given device.

leaf03 show interfaces type swp count

View Aliases for Interfaces

View which interfaces have aliases.

show interfaces alias swp2

Check for MTU Inconsistencies

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) determines the largest size packet or frame that can be transmitted across a given communication link. When the MTU is not configured to the same value on both ends of the link, communication problems can occur. Use the netq check mtu command to verify that the MTU is correctly specified for each link.

check mtu