NVIDIA NetQ 4.4 Release Notes

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4.4.0 Release Notes

Open Issues in 4.4.0

Issue IDDescriptionAffectsFixed
When you back up NetQ data with the backuprestore.sh script, the operation fails with the following log messages:
Failed to clear all earlier snapshot for keyspace:master. Exiting!command terminated with exit code 1Failed to execute /opt/backuprestore/createbackup.sh script on cassandra pod
Failed to proceed ahead with backup procedure. Exiting !
Contact NVIDIA support for assistance performing a backup.
After you upgrade from NetQ 4.1 to NetQ 4.2, some streaming validation checks might erroneously report failures when services are running properly. This condition will resolve itself within 24 hours of the upgrade.4.2.0-4.4.0
NetQ trace might report incomplete route information when there are multiple default routes in a VRF in the path between the source and destination.4.1.0-4.4.0
EVPN Validation Type 2 checks might show false Duplicate MAC events for MAC addresses that are not duplicated. An example of this is shown below:
EVPN Type 2 Test details:
Hostname Peer Name Peer Hostname Reason Last Changed
—————– —————– —————– ——————————————— ————————-
torc-11 - - Duplicate Mac 00:02:00:00:00:55 VLAN 1249 at Sun Dec 5 18:26:14 2021
torc-21:vx-282 and torc-11:peerlink-3
When a NetQ agent sends messages with validation check data, there might be a delay of up to 120 seconds before the new data is displayed in streaming validation checks.4.2.0-4.4.0

Fixed Issues in 4.4.0

Issue IDDescriptionAffects
In a What Just Happened table, column titles might appear as long strings of text. To fix this issue, select the ‘reset columns’ icon at the upper-right corner of the application.
The What Just Happened (WJH) feature does not work with the NetQ agent on SONiC switches.
TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are enabled for the OPTA API Gateway listening on TCP port 32708. Only TLS versions 1.2 and 1.3 should be enabled.4.3.0
In an OPTA clustered environment, NetQ agents might appear as rotten after upgrading to NetQ 4.3.0. To work around this issue, configure the spice: false parameter in /etc/netq/netq.yml.4.3.0
Upgrading Cumulus Linux with NetQ LCM fails when you upgrade a switch with the MLAG primary role.4.3.0
In some high scale environments, NetQ agents might appear as rotten during high load.4.3.0
When you add an LDAP user, the operation will fail and return an error: Parameter error. This has been resolved in NetQ 4.4.0 and later. If you configured LDAP authentication prior to NetQ 4.4.0, you must reconfigure LDAP after upgrading.
The netq show commands to view MACs, IP addresses, neighbors, and routes might show a higher value compared to the corresponding entries in the NetQ UI. The netq show commands display additional values from the NetQ server or OPTA in addition to monitored devices in the NetQ inventory.4.2.0-4.3.0
When you edit a TCA rule, an error will prevent the rule from updating. To work around this problem, delete the existing rule and create a new one.
LCM NetQ install or upgrade will silently fail if a target switch’s hostname is still set to the default (cumulus for Cumulus Linux or sonic} for SONiC).
Sensor validation checks might still reflect a failure in NetQ after the sensor failure has recovered.4.2.0-4.3.0
When you attempt to install NetQ on a device using LCM and configure the incorrect VRF, the installation will be reflected as successful but the switch will not be present in the inventory in the LCM UI.4.1.0-4.3.0
The MLAG Session card might not show all MLAG events.4.2.0-4.3.0
Sort functionality is disabled when the number of records exceeds 10,000 entries in a full-screen, tabular view.4.3.0