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Install the NetQ System

You can install NetQ either on your premises or as a remote, SaaS solution. If you are unsure which option is best for your network, refer to Before You Install.


Deployment TypeServer ArrangementHypervisorRequirements & Installation
On-premisesSingle serverKVMStart Install
On-premisesSingle serverVMwareStart Install
On-premisesServer clusterKVMStart Install
On-premisesServer clusterVMwareStart Install

Telemetry Aggregator (OPTA for NetQ Cloud)

Deployment TypeServer ArrangementHypervisorRequirements & Installation
OPTASingle serverKVMStart Install
OPTASingle serverVMwareStart Install
OPTAServer clusterKVMStart Install
OPTAServer clusterVMwareStart Install