netq help

Displays the syntax for all commands or ones containing a particular keyword, a list of all commands and options, or a summary of command formatting.


netq help [<text-keywords>]
netq help list
netq help verbose

Required Arguments

listNADisplay all NetQ commands in the terminal window
verboseNADisplay NetQ command formatting rules


NA<text-keywords>Display syntax for commands with these keywords

Sample Usage

Display syntax for all commands with the agent keyword:

cumulus@switch:~$ netq agent help OR netq help agent
    netq config add agent kubernetes-monitor [poll-period <text-duration-period>]
    netq config del agent kubernetes-monitor
    netq check agents [label <text-label-name> | hostnames <text-list-hostnames>] [include <agent-number-range-list> | exclude <agent-number-range-list>] [around <text-time>] [json]
    netq show unit-tests agent [json]
    netq config (add|del) agent (stats|sensors)

Display the NetQ command format rules:

cumulus@netq-ts:~$ netq help verbose

netq commands have the following format:
    netq [<hostname>] action object [options]

[] denotes an optional parameter or keyword
<> denotes a parameter to be specified such as an IP prefix, addr etc.

Hitting the TAB key will automatically show the available options.
Partial keywords are also accepted; e.g.: 'netq show ip ro'.