If you are using the current version of Cumulus NetQ, the content on this page may not be up to date. The current version of the documentation is available here. If you are redirected to the main page of the user guide, then this page may have been renamed; please search for it there.


netq upgrade

Upgrades NetQ on NetQ on-premises appliances or VMs. For detailed instructions, see Upgrade NetQ Virtual Machines


netq upgrade bundle <text-bundle-url>
    [s3-access-key <text-s3-access-key> s3-secret-key <text-s3-secret-key>]
    [cluster-vip <text-cluster-vip>]

Required Arguments

bundle<text-bundle-url>Upgrade this appliance or VM with the NetQ-x.y.z.tgz package at this location. You must specify the full path


s3-access-key<text-s3-access-key>AWS S3 access key ID
s3-secret-key<text-s3-secret-key>AWS S3 secret key ID
cluster-vip<text-cluster-vip>Upgrade cluster deployments, specifying the virtual IP address from the same subnet used for your master and worker nodes.

Sample Usage

cumulus@<hostname>:~$ netq upgrade bundle /mnt/installables/NetQ-4.9.0.tgz