VirtualBox and GNS3

This section describes how to install and set up Cumulus VX with VirtualBox and GNS3 to create the two leaf and one spine topology shown below.

These steps were tested with Cumulus VX 4.2, VirtualBox version 6.1.12, and GNS3 version 2.2.11 on macOS version 10.14.6.

Create and Configure the VMs

The following procedure creates leaf01, leaf02, and spine01 and the network connections between them. This section assumes you have VirtualBox and GNS3 experience.

Download and Install the Software

  1. Download and install VirtualBox.
  2. Download and install GNS3.
  3. Download the VirtualBox OVA image.

Create VMs in VirtualBox

The Cumulus VX OVA image defines the CPU, memory, and disk requirements. Cumulus VX requires at least 768MB of RAM and 6GB of disk space.

CumulusVX versions 4.3 and later requires 2 vCPUs.

Follow these steps for each VM (leaf01, leaf02, and spine01)

Configure GNS3

  1. Open the GNS3 application and create a new project.

  2. From the GNS3 menu, select Preferences.

  3. From the left pane of the Preferences dialog, select VirtualBox. Then, in the Path to VBoxManage field, enter the location where VBoxManage is installed. For example: /usr/bin/VBoxManage.

  4. From the left pane, select VirtualBox VMs, then click New. The VM list shows the VirtualBox VMs you set up earlier.

  5. From the VM list, select leaf01, then click Finish. The VM you selected appears in the center pane. Repeat this step for leaf02 and spine01.

  6. Enable GNS3 to work with the network interfaces of the VirtualBox VMs:

    1. In the center pane, select leaf01 then click Edit.

    2. In the VirtualBox VM template configuration dialog, click the Network tab.

    3. Increase the number of Adapters to 4.

    4. From the Type dropdown, select Paravirtualized Network.

    5. Select Allow GNS3 to use any configured VirtualBox adapter.

    6. Click OK to save your settings and close the dialog.

    7. Repeat these steps for leaf02 and spine01, then click OK to close the Preferences dialog.

Create Network Connections

Create the network connections between leaf01, leaf02, and spine01, as shown in the two leaf, one spine topology above.

  1. Click (Browse all Devices button), then from the End Devices panel, drag leaf01, leaf02, and spine01 to the console.
  2. Click the (cable icon), then connect the leafs and spine by selecting the network interfaces, as shown in the Topology Summary below:
    • e1 in GNS3 corresponds to swp1 in Cumulus VX
    • e2 in GNS3 corresponds to swp2 in Cumulus VX
    • e3 in GNS3 corresponds to swp3 in Cumulus VX
  1. Start the VMs.

Log into the Switches

Basic Switch Configuration

Verify Configuration

Next Steps