Changelog Archive

December 2021

  • NVIDIA Cumulus Linux 5.0 is now available for use in custom topologies
  • VMs in a custom topology now use their operating system’s default username and password. See the Quick Start guide for more details.

September 2021

  • Enable UEFI SecureBoot for virtual machines using the secureboot option in your DOT file. For example:
"server" [function="server" os="generic/ubuntu2004" secureboot="true"]
  • Demo Marketplace: Get a jump start on your network configuration by checking out some pre-built feature demos, or submit your own!
  • This page! Be sure to check back often to see the latest features we’re adding to NVIDIA Air.

August 2021

  • NVUE migration tool
  • Specify the location of a node’s bootable OS with the boot option in your DOT file. For example, boot a node via PXE using boot="network":
"server" [function="server" os="generic/ubuntu1804" boot="network"]