Pre-built Demos

Three demos are available in the Air simulation:

  1. NVIDIA Cumulus in the Cloud
  2. SONiC Spines
  3. SONiC Demo

All three demos are built on top of the NVIDIA Cumulus Linux reference topology.

The reference topology provides a common and consistent pre-configured spine and leaf-based network topology, which serves as the basis for all supported NVIDIA demos and golden standards. This reference topology is intended to be a blank slate with minimal configuration to prepare the simulation to receive additional deployment and provisioning that demonstrates a feature or represents a fully operational production network.

The reference topology provides a complete two-tier spine and leaf topology. It also includes a complete out-of-band management network. The devices include:

  • Four Cumulus Linux spines
  • Four Cumulus Linux leafs
  • Eight Ubuntu servers
  • Two Cumulus Linux border leafs
  • Two Cumulus Linux fw devices that provide a placeholder for policy devices
  • One Ubuntu out-of-band management server (oob-server)
  • One Cumulus Linux out-of-band management switch (oob-switch)
  • One NVIDIA NetQ Cloud virtual appliance (netq-ts)

When you start the reference topology simulation environment, all interfaces (except for the out-of-band management network) are unconfigured and administratively down. The golden standard configurations and demos provide interface and routing protocol configurations that are applied to this simulation topology.

NVIDIA Cumulus In The Cloud

In the NVIDIA Cumulus in the Cloud demo, all nodes in the reference topology are set to use Cumulus Linux.

SONiC Spines

In the SONiC Spines demo, two spines in the reference topology are set to use SONiC while all the remaining nodes are Cumulus Linux.

SONiC Demo

In the SONiC demo, all nodes in the reference topology are set to use SONiC.

Guided Tour

Every demo has a Guided Tour. The guided tour provides step-by-step instructions on how to run the demo infrastructure through user interaction with the console session.