Quick Start

This quick start provides an easy way to get started with the NVIDIA Air simulation platform.

Log into NVIDIA Air

NVIDIA Air uses the same credentials as the NVIDIA developer forums for account access. When the login page appears, enter your email address (the one you already use for the forums or the one you intend to use to sign up) in the box and click Get Started:

The page redirects to the NVIDIA forums login page. Click the Create Account link to sign up or enter your password to log in with an existing account:

NVIDIA Air Landing Page

After you log in, the NVIDIA Air landing page appears:

The landing page offers the following options:

  • Organizations: If you have custom simulations, the Organizations dropdown shows the different organizations to which each simulation belongs. This is typically only visible if you are working directly with an NVIDIA Solutions Architect to set up a custom topology.

  • Search Simulations: If you have more than one simulation, the search box can help filter your simulations based on a text match.

  • Build a Simulation: If you have no simulations, click the Build a Simulation button in the middle of the screen. The details of the demos are described in Pre-built Demos.

    This launches a new window from where you can choose one of the pre-built demos from the list.

  • Sidebar: The sidebar to the left has a Create a Simulation link to create new simulations, links to the current Cumulus Linux and NetQ user guides and a link to self-paced labs.

Simulation Views

Every simulation has a basic view and an advanced view, which provides more options.

Basic View

The basic view of the simulation provides a graphical view of the simulation’s topology.

Click a node in the topology to launch a console to connect to that node:

Advanced View

The advanced view has 4 different panes:

  1. Guided Tour: A detailed description of the simulation, complete with step-by-step instructions on running the demo infrastructure.
  2. Console: The console connection to the simulation.
  3. Nodes: The list of the nodes in the topology.
  4. Services: Optional services you can add, such as SSH.

Manage a Simulation

From the Air landing page, you can manage simulations. There are three options for each public simulation:

  • Power On/Off: Wakes the simulation up or puts it to sleep.
  • Rebuild: Resets the simulation to its initial configuration. This is useful if you’ve made many changes to the simulation and it is no longer in a desireable state.
  • Delete: Deletes the simulation.