Transceiver and Cable Recommendations

The NVIDIA Cumulus Linux Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) provides a list of pluggables that NVIDIA recommends for use with systems running Cumulus Linux. The list includes:

  • All Cumulus Express components
  • Pluggables qualified by NVIDIA Networking Engineering

The HCL provides a list of recommended pluggables for each platform. That list identifies the Cumulus Linux versions that support each recommended pluggable. The HCL includes pluggables qualified by NVIDIA Networking Engineering.

While NVIDIA recommends using the pluggables listed on the HCL, NVIDIA also provides this procedure for qualifying a non-recommended pluggable yourself. If you decide to try out a pluggable that NVIDIA does not recommend, Cumulus Linux does not actively prevent the pluggable from functioning. NVIDIA does not restrict the use of self-qualified pluggables; however, NVIDIA does not provide support for any issues that arise from a self-qualified pluggable. If you have concerns about a pluggable that is not listed, contact your NVIDIA sales team.