Configure NTP for On-premises Appliances


NVIDIA NetQ uses chrony to synchronize time on NetQ appliances. chrony syncs with NTP to keep the system clock correct in the appliance, as having the correct system clock is necessary for NetQ to function.

By default, NetQ configures chrony with public NTP pool servers. However, this does not work for air gapped on-premises environments, as they block egress traffic to NTP pool servers on the internet. If you are using the NetQ On-premises Appliance, you need to verify NTP points to internal NTP pool servers and not to external public servers.


  • NetQ 3.2.0 and later


To configure NTP in chrony:

  1. Edit the chrony configuration file:

    cumulus@appliance:~$ sudo nano /etc/chrony/chrony.conf
  2. Change the server pool to your internal NTP servers:

    \# About using servers from the NTP Pool Project in general see (LP: #104525).
    \# Approved by Ubuntu Technical Board on 2011-02-08.
    \# See for more information.
    pool        iburst maxsources 4
    pool iburst maxsources 1
    pool iburst maxsources 1
    pool iburst maxsources 2
  3. Save the file then restart the chronyd service:

    cumulus@appliance:~$ sudo systemctl restart chronyd

For more information about NTP, read the Cumulus Linux user guide.