Using dtach for In-band apt-get Upgrades


My SSH session was terminated while performing an in-band upgrade.


  • Cumulus Linux, all versions
  • In-band SSH connection: upgrading via SSH connection over a logical (bridge or bond) or switch (swp) port, rather than the management eth0 port

Root Cause

Upgrades involving certain packages, such as switchd or FRR/Quagga, might result in a temporary loss of in-band SSH connections (generally a minute or two) to the switch.


When upgrading in-band, NVIDIA recommends running the upgrade with the dtach or screen command. This makes it possible to re-attach to the upgrade process in the event of an interrupted connection.

Using dtach

cumulus@switch$ sudo apt-get update
cumulus@switch$ dtach -c /tmp/apt-get -z sudo apt-get upgrade


  • /tmp/apt-get is a socket to re-attach later
  • -z disables the suspend key from suspending dtach

To re-attach to the apt-get process after reconnecting to the switch:

cumulus@switch$ dtach -a /tmp/apt-get

If the dtach socket file does not exist as in the following error:

cumulus@switch$ dtach -a /tmp/apt-get
dtach: /tmp/apt-get: No such file or directory

Then the upgrade is complete. Before rebooting (if needed) you can review the results of the upgrade in /var/log/apt/term.log:

cumulus@switch$ less /var/log/apt/term.log

Using screen

Start a screen session specifying a name to re-attach to later:

screen -S apt-get

In the new screen session, proceed with the upgrade process:

cumulus@switch$ sudo apt-get update
cumulus@switch$ sudo apt-get upgrade

To re-attach to the apt-get process after reconnecting to the switch:

screen -r apt-get