Intel Atom Boot Issue


The switch fails to power up; the console shows no output.

This issue was reported as Cumulus Networks Product Bulletin 2017-02-08.


This issue might affect the following switches on the NVIDIA hardware compatibility list:

  • 100G switches: Dell Z9100-ON, Edge-Core AS7712-32X, HPE Altoline 6960, NVIDIA Spectrum SN2100, Penguin Arctica 3200C, QCT QuantaMesh BMS T7032-IX1, Supermicro SSE-C3632S
  • 40G switches: Dell S6010-ON, Edge-Core AS6712-32X, Edge-Core AS6812-32X, HPE Altoline 6940, HPE Altoline 6941, NVIDIA Spectrum SN2100B, Penguin Arctica 3200XLP, QCT QuantaMesh BMS T5032-LY6-x86
  • 10G switches: Dell S4048-ON, Dell S4048T-ON, Edge-Core AS5712-54X, Edge-Core AS5812-54T, Edge-Core AS5812-54X, HPE Altoline 6920, HPE Altoline 6921, HPE Altoline 6921T, Penguin Arctica 4806XP, QCT QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8, QCT QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY9, Supermicro SSE-X3648S
  • 1G switches: Dell S3048-ON, Penguin Arctica 4804iq, Supermicro SSE-G3648B

Root Cause

The CPU might fail to boot after the SoC LPC_CLKOUT0 and/or LPC_CLKOUT1 signals (low pin count bus clock outputs) stops functioning. For more information, read AVR54 in the Intel Atom Processor C2000 Product Family Specification Update from January 2017.

If this issue occurs, no messages or output appears on the serial console, the switch fans continue to run at full speed, and the state (on/off/color) of the LEDs all remain the same.

NVIDIA plans on updating this article as new information arises.


If the switch fails to boot under the circumstances described above, NVIDIA recommends that you contact:

  • The NVIDIA Cumulus support team to make them aware of your situation, and,
  • Your hardware supplier for the appropriate hardware warranty service.