Account and User Management FAQ

One of my colleagues received our order confirmation and I need to retrieve the license key. How can I get it?

Cumulus Linux 4.3 and earlier uses a generic license key to enable the front-panel ports on the Mellanox switch. To retrieve the license key, see Cumulus Linux License Key.

If you do not have login access to the portal, contact the license owner at your company and they can create a login for you. If you do not know who owns your company’s NVIDIA account, contact your NVIDIA account manager.

How do I know how many users are on our account?

You can view a list of all account users and their profiles from the NVIDIA Enterprise support portal.

How can I add users to my account?

To add users, log in to the NVIDIA Enterprise support portal.

What user roles are available?

standard and admin are the two roles available:

  • Standard: Can view account information, user information, license keys, download files, and submit support tickets.
  • Admin: Can edit account information, add and remove users, assign user roles, activate licenses, download files, and submit support tickets.

How can I reset my account password?

You can reset your password on the NVIDIA Enterprise support portal.