Understanding the Cumulus Linux License

The Cumulus Linux license has a simple format. Managing your license keys is very easy, as you can use the same license file for all your licensed Cumulus Linux switches.

In addition, there is no need to replace the license file when you renew or purchase additional licenses.

From a technical standpoint, the license changed as follows:

  • Increased messaging volume, which displays on screen when you log into the switch; Cumulus Linux writes the messages to syslog.
  • New messaging when switchd detects a missing or invalid license.

The license format looks like this:


You manage your licenses in the MyMellanox customer portal.

To verify that you installed your license, run the cl-license command.

cumulus@switch:~$ cl-license

For more information on the use of cl-license, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

To check the version of Cumulus Linux you are running, read this article.