Cumulus Linux Support File

Cumulus Linux generates support files called cl-support whenever it detects issues.

This file aids in troubleshooting customer issues. The NVIDIA Enterprise Support team often requests customers to provide this file when they open support tickets.

The cl-support command names the file cl_support_xxx.txz and writes it to the /var/support directory.

You can generate cl-support in one of three ways:

  • If switchd or any other process generates a core file (located in /var/support/core), then Cumulus Linux generates the cl-support file.

  • After the first failure of one of the following monitored services after a switch reboot or power cycling:

    • clagd
    • frr
    • openvswitch-vtep
    • portwd
    • ptmd
    • rdnbrd
    • switchd
    • vxrd
    • vxsnd
  • You can trigger creation of a cl-support file by running the cl-support command.

    You should only run this command at the direction of a member of the NVIDIA support staff.

If you need to copy the cl-support file off of the switch to a remote host for collection, use scp:

cumulus@switch:~$ scp /var/support/ username@myserver:/path/