NetQ Release Versioning and Support Policy

This article outlines the release version numbering structure and support policies for NetQ.

Version Definitions

NetQ software installation file names include a version number, in the form of x.y.z-OS~TAG_CPU.

  • x represents the major release version number. An increased major release version means that the release might include:
    • New functionality within the existing market.
    • New market entries.
    • Major positioning changes.
    • A significant engineering rebase.
  • y represents the minor release version number. An increased minor release version means that the release might include:
    • New hardware platforms.
    • New features within the existing market.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Security updates.
  • z represents the maintenance release version number. An increased maintenance release version might include:
    • Feature improvements.
    • Bug fixes and updates.
    • Security updates.
  • OS indicates the Network Operating System information (cl for Cumulus Linux, deb10 for SONiC)
  • TAG represents a timestamp for the release of the version.
  • CPU architecture represents architecture.

For example:

  • netq-agent_4.4.0-cl4u40~1667493586.97ef4c9d_amd64.deb
  • netq-apps_4.4.0-cl4u40~1667493586.97ef4c9d_amd64.deb

Release, Support Lifecycle and Support Policy

NetQ is offered with a per switch subscription that includes support for 1, 3, and 5 years options. The subscription model allows customers to upgrade the software as updates and new versions become available, for the period of the subscription.

  • Review the NetQ user guide for the supported Network Operating System (NOS) versions.
  • Use matching versions of NetQ Server and both NetQ Agent and NetQ Apps packages on switches (e.g., NetQ 4.2.0 Server with NetQ 4.2.0 Agents and Apps on the switches).
  • The product is supported for the period of the subscription and bug fixes are received by upgrading to new versions of software.
  • A NetQ version is supported for two years from its release date. After that date, it is necessary to upgrade to a later release to continue receiving support for the period of the subscription.

NetQ Support Matrix

The following table depicts the NetQ release support matrix:

NetQ ReleaseRelease DateEnd of Support

NetQ 1.y and 2.y releases are End of Support.

Upgrade Process

For information regarding upgrading from previous NetQ releases, refer to the NetQ Deployment Guide.