Cumulus NetQ Release Versioning and Support Policy

This article outlines the release version numbering structure, and support policies, for:

  • Cumulus NetQ 3.x
  • Cumulus NetQ 2.x
  • Cumulus NetQ 1.4

Version Definitions

Cumulus NetQ software installation file names include a version number, in the form of x.y.z-OS~TAG_CPU.

  • x represents the major release version number. An increased major release version means that the release might include:
    • New functionality within the existing market.
    • New market entries.
    • Major positioning changes.
    • A significant engineering rebase.
  • y represents the minor release version number. An increased minor release version means that the release might include:
    • New hardware platforms.
    • New features within the existing market.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Security updates.
  • z represents the maintenance release version number. An increased maintenance release version might include:
    • Feature improvements.
    • Bug fixes and updates.
    • Security updates.
  • OS indicates the operating system. Support is available for Cumulus Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat and CentOS.
  • TAG represents a timestamp for the release of the version.
  • CPU architecture represents architecture. Support is available for x86_64 and ARM.

This number corresponds to the release version of the software. NetQ requires two Debian packages per release. This example shows the first minor release of the third major release, for the Ubuntu OS and x86_64 CPU architecture:

  • netq-agent_3.1.0-ub18.04u28~1594095612.8f00ba1_amd64.deb
  • netq-apps_3.1.0-ub18.04u28~1594095612.8f00ba1_amd64.deb

Release, Support Lifecycle and Support Policy

The Cumulus NetQ license is per Cumulus Linux switch. NetQ is a subscription-based license that includes support for 1, 3, and 5 years options. NetQ has one set of SKUs for 1G switches and one set of SKUs for switches that are 10G and greater. You can install the NetQ agent free-of-charge on Ubuntu, Red Hat, and CentOS endpoints that connect to a NetQ-licensed Cumulus Linux switch. The subscription model enables customers to upgrade the software as updates and new versions become available, for the period of the subscription.

The following diagram illustrates the release version and support relationship.

Customers running NetQ 1.4.x and earlier, can continue to use their current license until their support expires.  These customers have the option to transfer their existing license to the subscription license where they receive the new NetQ 2.1 software, all the support, and upgrades for the next five years for free. Alternately, these customers can continue to use NetQ 1.4 and deploy NetQ 3.x at the same time with the new subscription license.

Product End of Life

Currently, there are no end of life plans for Cumulus NetQ 1.x or 2.x.

Upgrade Process

For information regarding upgrading from previous Cumulus NetQ releases, refer to the Cumulus NetQ Deployment Guide.