NVIDIA Air supports collaboration so that you can share simulations with your colleagues in an organization. To join an organization, contact your Organization Administrator or your NVIDIA sales team. If you do not know who your Organization Administrator is, reach out to

Assign an Organization to Your Simulation

You can assign each simulation to an organization in which you are a member. All members of the organization can view all assigned simulations.

In the simulation list, the Organization column shows the organization to which the simulation belongs.

To assign a simulation to an organization, click the Edit icon to open the Edit Simulation dialog. Select the organization from the Organization dropdown menu, then click Submit.

Organizations and Images

Public images are published for all users of NVIDIA Air, and simulations using public images can be assigned to any organization, or the organization can be left unassigned.

An Organization Administrator can upload a private image for use in simulations assigned to the organization. Images in an organization can be shared with individual users of NVIDIA Air outside of that organization for use in simulations.


Images uploaded to an organization have the following requirements:

  • Private images in an organization that are not shared must be used in simulations that are assigned to the same organization.

  • If you share an image with a user outside of an organization, it is no longer considered private and shared images must be used in simulations with an unassigned organization.

  • A simulation can not include both private and shared images.

The following table summarizes the required organization assignment for simulations for each image type and combination used in a simulation:

Images In UseOrganization Requirements
Public onlySimulations can be assigned to any or no organization
Private onlySimulations must be assigned to the image organization
Shared onlySimulations must have an unassigned organization
Private and PublicSimulations must be assigned to the image organization
Shared and PublicSimulations must have an unassigned organization
Private and SharedUnsupported

Manage Organizations

If you are an Organization Administrator, you can create and manage organizations, and view details about each organization, such as the list of current members and their roles. You can also view resource utilization for all simulations in the organization.

To see the list of current organizations, click Organization List from the Organizations dropdown in the sidebar.

organization list with options to create or delete an organization

On the Organizations page, you can create and delete organizations, and drill down to see details and manage a specific organization.

Create an Organization

To create an organization, select Create Organization.

Provide a name for the organization and the email address of each member you want to add. If you want a member to be an administrator, select the Organization Admin toggle.

Delete an Organization

To delete an organization, select Delete from the actions menu. NVIDIA AIR prompts you to enter the name of the organization to confirm the deletion.

Deleting an organization also deletes all the simulations and resources assigned to it.

View Details and Manage Members

To view details about each organization and to manage members, click the organization link in the Organization column on the Organizations page.

The organization details page provides several options.

organizations dashboard with options to manage users and images
  • To view usage statistics for an organization, select Usage. You can see how many simulations are in the organization and how much CPU, memory, and disk storage the organization uses.

  • To manage members select Members.

    • To add a new member, click Add Member, then provide the email address of the member you want to add. If you want the member to be an administrator, select the Organization Admin toggle.

    • To edit resource limits for a member such as CPU, memory, and storage and the number of simulations allowed, select Edit Membership from the actions menu.

    • To remove a member, select Remove Member from the actions menu.

      Removing a member from an organization also moves all their simulations out of the organization.

  • To view information about a simulation image for an organization, such as the image size, when the image was created and who uploaded the image, click Images. To delete an image, select Delete from the actions menu.