What's New

Check out the latest updates to NVIDIA Air.

November 2023


  • Fixed an issue where the font failed to render correctly
  • Fixed an issue preventing sims from starting
  • Fixed an issue where a simulation created with no nodes would become stuck in the LOADING state
  • Fixed an issue where sim state lock could be released too early during a stop job
  • Fixed an issue where the topology delete API did not remove the topology

October 2023


  • Updated minimum memory allocated for the oob-mgmt-switch to 2GB
  • Fixed a bug where a user defined value for memory on the oob-mgmt-switch was not respected

September 2023


  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.2.1 to OS dropdown in the builder
  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.4.0c to OS dropdown in the builder
  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.6.0 to OS dropdown in the builder
  • Added SONiC 202211_1 to OS dropdown in the builder
  • Updated default version for Cumulus Linux to 5.6.0 in the builder
  • Updated default version for SONiC to 202211_1 in the builder


  • Improved messaging when a resource budget is exceeded
  • Fixed a bug related to display of the NIC model for Ubuntu nodes
  • Fixed a bug where new members of an organization were not allocated the appropriate resource budgets
  • Updated config migrator to use Cumulus Linux 5.6.0


  • Updated oob-mgmt-switch image
  • Fixed an issue related to logging level of the Air Agent

August 2023


  • Added a new link_id field to the /v1/interface/ API response


  • Fixed an issue during creation of the configuration file for the Air agent on some nodes
  • Fixed an issue where parallel jobs could result in an invalid simulation state
  • Fixed an issue where stalled requests could prevent API access by some clients

July 2023


  • Updated API to support ordering
  • Fixed an issue related to interface count limitations on certain platforms


  • Updated user authorization process


  • Fixed an issue when deleting a topology associated with active simulations
  • Fixed an issue where links could be connected to the same interface on both ends

June 2023


  • Fixed an issue that caused the oob-mgmt-switch to lose the default route after reboot
  • Increased resource budget limits for non-company emails


  • Fixed an error encountered by the agent when a node woke up from sleep
  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.5.1 to OS dropdown in the builder
  • Added support for IPv4 based services

May 2023


  • Fixed a bug impacting simulation creation including a fake device with more than 256 interfaces


  • Fixed a bug related to simulation state control and resource budgets
  • Improved validation for the link API


  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.5.0 to OS dropdown in the builder


  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.5.0
  • Fixed an issue related to image uploads


  • Updated oob-mgmt-server to Ubuntu 22.04
  • Added a limit of 256 for the maximum number of interfaces on a single node
  • Updated resource budget limits for accounts using a company email
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some simulations with TPM/UEFI from loading
  • Fixed a bug in validation of image uploads

April 2023


  • Fixed an incorrect calculation for resource budgets in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue causing the login page to be shown instead of a node’s console in some scenarios
  • Applied new security updates


  • Updated sleep handling for longer running simulations
  • Fixed an issue related to reporting current state when loading larger simulations


  • Added support for copying images between organizations
  • Updated default resource limits


  • Added Ubuntu 22.04
  • Added SONiC 202205_2
  • Backend infrastructure improvements

March 2023


  • Added new mechanism for anonymous simulation handling


  • Added Cumulus Linux 4.3.1
  • Added Cumulus Linux 4.4.5
  • Added NetQ 4.5.0
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 5.4.0


  • Fixed a bug impacting automatic NetQ instructions impacting certain versions of Cumulus Linux
  • Fixed a bug related to resource budget calculation


  • Updated default resource limits
  • Fixed a bug impacting filtering in the Demo Marketplace


  • Added cookie management options

February 2023


  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.4.0
  • Builder defaults to Cumulus Linux 5.4.0 for new nodes
  • API documentation fixes


  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.9 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.10 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.11 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.12 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.13 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.14 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.15 image
  • Updated Cumulus Linux 3.7.16 image
  • Fix for CVE-2022-25927


  • API updates to protect against unsupported changes for running simulations

January 2023


  • Added Cumulus Linux 5.3.1


  • Updated oob-mgmt-server image
    • Added socat package
  • Updated generic/ubuntu1804 image