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Check out the latest updates to NVIDIA Air.

May 2024


  • Fixed an issue when waking up large simulations

May 2024


  • Fixed an issue where some content types were rejected in API requests
  • Improved dot file parsing performance for larger topologies

April 2024


  • Fixed an issue where node rebuild was improperly handled when a worker was offline

March 2024


  • Increased the number of retries when the Air Agent connects to the API
  • Fixed an issue when deleting an organization with existing simulations


  • Fixed an issue where MAC addresses were not properly validated
  • Fixed an issue where node hostnames were allowed to contain whitespace
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to create a simulation could improperly return a 400
  • Fixed an issue that caused invalid links to be created during DOT file parsing
  • Fixed an issue that prevented updating a shared topology after a simulation was deleted

February 2024


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the console not to render for a device
  • Updated the default NetQ URL


  • Added an API endpoint to automatically generate an out-of-band network


  • Fixed an issue where the simulation API did not return all jobs for a loading simulation
  • Fixed an issue where the login API incorrectly returned a 500 error


  • Signing up for a new account now requires a valid business email address

January 2024


  • Updated Swagger API docs for /v1/login/ and /v2/organization/{id}/members/


  • Updated font used by configuration migration tool


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