NVUE Command Reference

NVUE is an object-oriented, schema driven model of a complete Cumulus Linux system (hardware and software) providing a robust API that allows for multiple interfaces to both view (show) and configure (set and unset) any element within a system running the NVUE software.

This document is a reference for the Cumulus Linux NVUE CLI commands.

Command Types

The NVUE CLI provides descriptions and examples for the following commands:

  • nv show commands show various parts of the network configuration.
  • nv set and nv unset commands set and unset configuration options on the switch.
  • nv config commands manage and apply configurations.
  • nv action commands reset counters and routes, remove MLAG LACP conflicts, and disconnect authorized and authenticated users.

Download the Command Reference

You can download the NVUE command reference and view it offline. Download a zip file of the command reference in HTML format, extract it locally, then open nvue-reference.html in your web browser.