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NVIDIA® BlueField® DPU family software is a reference Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu Server and the Yocto Poky distribution extended to include DOCA runtime libraries, the Mellanox OFED stack for Arm and a Linux kernel that supports various accelerations for storage, networking, and security. As such, customers can run any Linux-based applications in the BlueField software environment seamlessly.

These pages provide product release notes as well as information that explains the BlueField Software Distribution (BSD) and how to develop and/or customize applications, system software, and file system images for the BlueField platform.

Intended Audience

This product is intended for software developers and DevOps engineers interested in creating and/or customizing software applications and system software for the NVIDIA BlueField DPU platform.

Software Download

To download product software, please refer to the DOCA SDK developer zone.

Technical Support

Customers who purchased products directly from NVIDIA are invited to contact us on the NVIDIA Support website.


ACEAXI Coherency Extensions
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
AMBA®Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
ATFArm Trusted Firmware
AXI4Advanced eXtensible Interface 4
BFBBlueField bootstream
BSDBlueField Software Distribution
CHICoherent Hub Interface; Arm® protocol used over the BlueField Skymesh specification
CLCache line
CMDQCommand queue
CMOCache maintenance operation
COBCollision buffer
DMADirect memory access
DPIDeep packet inspection
DPUData Processing Unit, the third pillar of the data center with CPU and GPU
DVMDistributed virtual memory
ECPFEmbedded CPU Physical Function
EMEM/EMIExternal memory interface; block in the MSS which performs the actual read/write from the DDR device
eMMCEmbedded Multi-media Card
ESPEFI system partition
FSFile system
GDBGNU debugger
GPTGUID partition table
HNFHome node interface

When referring to "the host" this documentation is referring to the server host. When referring to the Arm based host, the documentation will specifically call out "Arm host".

  • Server host OS refers to the Host Server OS (Linux or Windows)
  • Arm host refers to the AARCH64 Linux OS which is running on the BlueField Arm Cores
ICMInterface Configuration Memory
IPMBIntelligent Platform Management Bus
IPMIIntelligent Platform Management Interface
KGDBKernel debugger
KGDBOCKernel debugger over console
LCRDLink credit
MDEVMediated device
MSSMemory subsystem
MSTMellanox Software Tools
NATNetwork address translation
NICNetwork interface card
OCDOn-chip debugger
OVSOpen vSwitch
PCIePCI Express; Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
PFPhysical function
PKPublic key
PKAPublic key accelerator
POCPoint of coherence
RegExRegular expression

Request node

RN-F – Fully coherent request node
RN-D – IO coherent request node with DVM support
RN-I IO coherent request node

RNGRandom number generator/generation
RoCEEthernet and RDMA over Converged Ethernet
RQReceive queue
RShimRandom Shim
SBSAServer Base System Architecture
SDKSoftware development kit
SQSend queue
SR-IOVSingle Root IO Virtualization
TBUTranslation Buffer Unit
TRBTrail buffer
TSOTotal store order
UEFIUnified Extensible Firmware Interface
UPVSUEFI Persistent Variable Store
VFVirtual function
VMVirtual machine
VPIVirtual Protocol Interconnect
VSTVirtual Switch Tagging
WRDBWrite data buffer

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PKA Driver Design and Implementation Architecture Document

This document provides a description of the design and implementation of the Public Key accelerator (PKA) hardware driver. The driver manages and controls the EIP-154 Public Key Infrastructure Engine, an FIPS 140-3 compliant PKA and operates as a co-processor to offload the processor of the host.
PKA Programming Guide

This document is intended to guide a new crypto application developer or a public key user space driver. It offers programmers the basic information required to code their own PKA-based application for NVIDIA® BlueField® DPU.