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Important Notes

Security Hardening Enhancements: This release contains important reliability improvements and security hardening enhancements. Mellanox recommends upgrading your devices firmware to this release to improve the devices’ firmware security and reliability.

SR-IOV - Virtual Functions (VF) per Port - The maximum Virtual Functions (VF) per port is 127. For further information, see RoCE Limitations.

Changes and New Feature in this Firmware Version 



RedFish (RDE)

Allows BMC to query and control NIC over RedFish API ( Currently, the NIC supports reading data and setting basic Ethernet and InfiniBand parameters.

Power Consumption

Removed power consumption limitation. This new capability removes the necessity to disable the port due to insufficient power. When this feature is enabled, an event will be sent on every transition between the following power states:

  • Power limit is not advertised
  • Sufficient power detected
  • Insufficient power detected
ECMP with RoCE Traffic

Enables matching of source_vhca_port in the FDB flow for ECMP hardware offload on a single FDB.

Live Firmware Patch (LFWP)

Firmware can be patched with critical bugs fixes live with minimal serviceability impact. The patching can be down only within the same major branch.

Note: This capability is not functional when Secure Firmware is enabled.

Hardware Offloaded Rules (Resource Dump)

Added support for dumping hardware steering entries (raw data) using the resource dump API.

VF Command Failure Resource Dump Event

Enables the device to generate events that will notify the user about any resource dumps updates. The resource dump owner (PF/ECPF) will be notified on the VF command failures by events that will contain the needed information to call the resource_dump command. The device will dump the resource in the standard resource dump sequence.

GTP-U Tunneled Packets

Added support for RSS based on inner headers of GTP-U tunneled packets.

Link Down CounterThe eth_link_down_counter now counts logical link downs as well.
Relaxed Ordering Read

[Beta] Added support for relaxed ordering read when using the create_mkey flag.

Note: This capability is not supported when using Multi-Host cards and when in PCIe-Switch mode.

Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes.