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Changes and New Features in this Release

Component/ ToolDescriptionOperating System

Rev. 4.17.0

Anti-rollback Protection

Enabled Anti-rollback protection to prevent old vulnerable firmware versions from being flashed to the device.

DSFP Modules

Added support for DSFP modules in mlxlink.

ESXi, VMware Certification

Downloadable ESXi files in MFT v4.17.0 are now certified by VMware.

Remote mst Device Cable Support

Remote mst device now supports cable devices. The remote cables will be shown on the mst status and can be accessed via the mlxcables tool.

Parallel Firmware Burning in (DMA Burning)

Added support for parallel firmware burning. Although DMA burning is supported in Virtual Machines as well, burning in such scenarios might be slower than on Physical Machines.

Note: If the NIC driver is unloaded, burning via DMA is unsupported (due to BME is unset) and regular burn flow will be executed instead. 

Note: This capability is supported in 5th Generation devices only.

Linux / FreeBSD
mlx_fpgaThe mlx_fpga utility will be deprecated as of MFT v4.18.0. All
Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.