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mst Synopsis - FreeBSD

mst <command> [switches]

Commands and Switches Description - FreeBSD

There are no mst start or stop operations in FreeBSD.

mst statusPrint current status of NVIDIA devices.

mst help

Print this help information.

mst version

Print mst version information.

mst server start [port]

Start mst server to allow incoming connection. Default port is 23108.

mst server stop

Stop mst server.

mst cable add

Add the cables that are connected to the device

mst cable del

Delete the added cables

Examples of mst Usage - FreeBSD

To print the current status of NVIDIA devices:

VMwareMST devices:
pci0:3:0:0 - MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]

The mst status output is taken from parsing the `pciconf` output.

To show the devices status with detailed information:

# mst status -v

PCI devices:
DEVICE_TYPE          MST  PCI         RDMA      NET       NUMA
ConnectX4LX(rev:0)        pci0:2:0:0  02:00.0   mlx5_0
ConnectX4LX(rev:0)        pci0:2:0:1  02:00.1   mlx5_1
ConnectX4(rev:0)          pci0:3:0:0  03:00.0   mlx5_2