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mst Synopsis - VMware

mst <command> [switches]

Commands and Switches Description - VMwareMST

mst start

Create special files that represent NVIDIA devices in directory/dev. Load appropriate modules. After successfully completing this command, the mst driver will be ready to work.

mst stop

Stop NVIDIA mst driver service and unload the kernel modules.

mst restart

"mst stop" followed by "mst start"

mst server start [-p|--port port]

Start mst server to allow incoming connection. Default port is 23108.

mst server stop

Stop the mst server.

mst status

Print current status of NVIDIA devices
-v run with a high verbosity level (print more info on each device)

mst version

Print the version info

Examples of mst Usage - VMware

To print the current status of NVIDIA devices:


# /opt/mellanox/bin/mst status
MST devices:

VMK Linux

# /opt/mellanox/bin/mst status
MST devices:

To show the devices status with detailed information:

# /opt/mellanox/bin/mst status -vv
PCI devices:
DEVICE_TYPE         MST                PCI        RDMA    NET                           NUMA
ConnectX4(rev:0)    mt4115_pciconf0    03:00.0            net-vmnic4 
ConnectX4(rev:0)    mt4115_pciconf0.1  03:00.1            net-vmnic5
ConnectX3Pro(rev:0) mt4103_pci_cr0     05:00.0            net-vmnic1,netvmnic1000102
ConnectX3Pro(rev:0) mt4103_pciconf0    05:00.0            net-vmnic1,netvmnic1000102

For further information on In-Band and Remote Access, please refer to In-Band Access to Multiple IB Subnets, Accessing Remote InfiniBand Device by Direct Route MADs, and Remote Access to Device by Sockets.