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Application Binary Interface (ABI) Incompatibility with MLNX_EN Kernel Modules

This section is relevant for RedHat and SLES distributions only.


MLNX_EN package for RedHat comes with RPMs that support KMP (weak-modules), meaning that when a new errata kernel is installed, compatibility links will be created under the weak-updates directory for the new kernel. Those links allow using the existing MLNX_EN kernel modules without the need for recompilation. However, at times, the ABI of the new kernel may not be compatible with the MLNX_EN modules, which will prevent loading them. In this case, the MLNX_EN modules must be rebuilt against the new kernel.

Detecting ABI Incompatibility with MLNX_EN Modules

When MLNX_EN modules are not compatible with a new kernel from a new OS or errata kernel, no links will be created under the weak-updates directory for the new kernel, causing the driver load to fail. Checking for the existence of needed module links under weak-updates directory can be done by reloading the MLNX_EN modules. If one or more modules are missing, the driver reload will fail with an error message.


# /etc/init.d/mlnx-en.d restart
Unloading HCA driver:                                      [  OK  ]
Loading HCA driver and Access Layer:                       [  OK  ]
Module rdma_cm belong to kernel which is not a part of MLNX[FAILED]kipping...
Loading rdma_ucm                                           [FAILED]

Resolving ABI Incompatibility with MLNX_EN Modules

In order to fix ABI incompatibility with MLNX_EN modules, the modules should be recompiled against the new kernel, using the script, available in MLNX_EN installation image.
There are two ways to recompile the MLNX_EN modules:

  1. Local recompilation and installation on one server.
    Run the install command to recompile the kernel modules and reinstall the whole MLNX_EN on the server. Mount MLNX_EN ISO image or extract the TGZ file: 

    # cd <MLNX_EN dir>
    # ./install --skip-distro-check --add-kernel-support --kmp --force

    - The --kmp flag will enable rebuilding RPMs with KMP (weak-updates) support for the new kernel. Therefore, in the next OS/kernel update, the same modules can be used with the new kernel (assuming that the ABI compatibility was not broken again).
    - The command above will rebuild only the kernel RPMs (using, and will save the resulting MLNX_EN package under /tmp and start installing it automatically. This package can be used for installation on other servers using regular install command or yum.

  2. Preparing a new image on one server and deploying it on the cluster.
    1. Use the script directly only to rebuild the kernel RPMs (without running any installations) on one server. Mount MLNX_EN ISO image or extract the TGZ file: 

      # cd <MLNX_EN dir>
      # ./ -m $PWD --kmp -y

      Note: This command will save the resulting MLNX_EN package under /tmp.

      # cd /tmp/MLNX_EN_LINUX-5.2-
      # ./ -m $PWD --kmp -y
      Note: This program will create mlnx-en TGZ for rhel7.8 under /tmp directory.
      See log file /tmp/mlnx_iso.28286_logs/mlnx_ofed_iso.28286.log
      Checking if all needed packages are installed...
      Building mlnx-en RPMS . Please wait...
      Creating metadata-rpms for 3.10.0-1127.el7.x86_64 ...
      WARNING: If you are going to configure this package as a repository, then please note
      WARNING: that it contains unsigned rpms, therefore, you need to disable the gpgcheck
      WARNING: by setting 'gpgcheck=0' in the repository conf file.
      Created /tmp/mlnx-en-5.3-
    2. Install the newly created MLNX_EN package on the cluster:
      Option 1: Copy the package to the servers and install it using the install script.
      Option 2: Deploy the MLNX_EN package using YUM (for YUM installation instructions, refer to Installing MLNX_EN Using YUM section):
                      i. Extract the resulting MLNX_EN image and copy it to a shared NFS location.
                      ii. Create a YUM repository configuration.
                      iii. Install the new MLNX_EN kernel RPMs on the servers: # yum update

      Package                  Arch     Version                                                             Repository  Size
      epel-release             noarch   7-7                                                                 epel        14 k
      kmod-iser                x86_64   1.8.0-OFED.                mlnx_ofed   35 k
      kmod-isert               x86_64   1.0-OFED.                  mlnx_ofed   32 k
      kmod-kernel-mft-mlnx     x86_64   4.4.0-1.201606210906.rhel7u1                                        mlnx_ofed   10 k
      kmod-knem-mlnx           x86_64    mlnx_ofed   22 k
      kmod-mlnx-ofa_kernel     x86_64   3.3-OFED.                  mlnx_ofed  1.4 M
      kmod-srp                 x86_64   1.6.0-OFED.                mlnx_ofed   39 k
      Transaction Summary
      Upgrade  7 Packages

      Note: The MLNX_EN user-space packages will not change; only the kernel RPMs will be updated. However, “YUM update” can also update other inbox packages (not related to OFED). In order to install the MLNX_EN kernel RPMs only, make sure to run: 

      # yum install mlnx-en-kernel-only

      Notemlnx-en-kernel-only is a metadata RPM that requires the MLNX_EN kernel RPMs only.

    3. Verify that the driver can be reloaded: 

       # /etc/init.d/mlnx-en.d restart