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Models: SN4700 and SN4410

The photos and illustrations in this document show the SN4700 system, but the instructions apply to the SN4410 system as well.

Pay Attention!

  • At least two people are required to safely mount the system in the rack.
  • All servers and systems in the rack should be planned with the airflow direction. All FRU components must have the same air flow direction. A mismatch in the air flow will affect the heat dissipation.
  • The part of the system to which you choose to attach the rails will determine the system's adjustable side. The system's part to which the brackets are attached will be adjacent to the cabinet.
  • The FRU side is extractable. Mounting the rack brackets inverted to the FRU side will allow you to slide the FRUs, in and out.
  • Due to thermal considerations, the switch systems must be installed in a horizontal position. do not install the systems vertically. 

Package Contents (System and Rail-Kit)

  • 1 x System
  • 1 x Fixed rail kit for 16.9-31.5" (430-800mm) racks
  • 4 x Power cables*:
  • 2 x 250V 10A 1830MM C14 TO C15 power cable
  • 2 x 110V 15A 1830MM C14 TO C15 UL power cable
  • 1 x Harness: HAR000631 – Harness RS232 2M cable – DB9 to RJ-45
  • 2 x Cable retainers





    X8 (of each)


    X2 (of each)





    If anything is damaged or missing, contact your NVIDIA representative at