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Switch Models: SN4600/SN4600C

Pay Attention!

  • At least two people are required to safely mount the system in the rack
  • All servers and systems in the rack and all FRU components must have the same air-flow direction, otherwise the system will overheat due to bad heat dissipation
  • The system's adjustable side is determined by the way it is attached to the rails. The system's part to which the brackets are attached will be adjacent to the cabinet
  • The FRU side is extractable. Mounting the rack brackets inverted to the FRU side allows the FRUs to slide in and out
  • Due to thermal considerations, the switch systems must be installed in a horizontal position. do not install the systems vertically. 

Package Contents (System and Rail Kit)

  • 1 x System
  • 1 x Fixed rail kit for 16.9-31.5" (430-800mm) racks
  • 2 x Power cables – Type C13-C14
  • 1 x Harness: HAR000631 – Harness RS232 2M cable – DB9 to RJ-45
  • 2 x Cable retainers



Rail-Kit Package


X8 (of each)


X2 (of each)


System Package 



If anything is damaged or missing, contact your NVIDIA representative at