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Subnet Manager should be active prior to activation of Aggregation Manager (AM). Mellanox SHARP functionality should be enabled in Switch-IB 2 switches (disabled by default).

In order to change OpenSM configuration, edit OpenSM configuration file (default location for MLNX_OFED OpenSM is /etc/opensm/opensm.conf) and modify configuration as follows.

To enable Mellanox SHARP functionality on Switch-IB 2 based switches: 
Configure “sharp_enabled” parameter: 

sharp_enabled 2

To configure updn/ftree support in OpenSM:
Configure the "routing_engine" parameter. 

routing_engine updn


routing_engine ftree,updn

To run OpenSM with the configuration file.

# opensm -F <opensm configuration file> -B

To configure Hypercube support in Subnet Manager:
Configure OpenSM to use DOR routing engine. 

routing_engine dor

Configure OpenSM to create Hypercube coordinates file. 

dor_hyper_cube_mode TRUE

To configure Dragonfly+ support in Subnet Manager:
Use OpenSM/Adaptive Routing manager plugin manual to configure OpenSM to be able to use dragonfly+ routing.

To Verify that the Aggregation Nodes were activated by OpenSM, run “ibnetdiscover” and verify that Aggregation Nodes appear and have LID.

For example: 

Ca 1 "H-7cfe900300a5a2a8" 
#"Mellanox Technologies Aggregation Node" and "[1](7cfe900300a5a2a8) "S-7cfe900300a5a2a0"
[37] # lid 256 lmc 0 "MF0;sharp2:MSB7800/U1" lid 512 4xFDR