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Ordering Part Numbers for Replacement Parts

Part TypePart NumberLegacy Part NumberDescription Supported Systems
Rack Installation Kits 930-9NRKT-00JN-000 MTEF-KIT-JStatic rack installation kit for 1U\2U systems into 4-poles, 430-800mm depth racks SN4600/SN4600C, SN4410, SN4700
Fan Modules

930-9NFAN-00IT-000 MTEF-FANF-I NVIDIA fan module, 80 x 80 [mm], P2C Airflow, For SN4600 switch SN4600
930-9NFAN-00J7-000 MTEF-FANR-INVIDIA fan module, 80 x 80 [mm], C2P Airflow, For SN4600 switchSN4600
930-9BFAN-00IX-000 MTEF-FANF-M NVIDIA fan module, 40 x 40 [mm], P2C Airflow For SN4700 switches SN4700/SN4410
930-9BFAN-00JB-000 MTEF-FANR-MNVIDIA fan module, 40 x 40 [mm], C2P Airflow For SN4700 switches SN4700/SN4410
930-9NFAN-00IS-000 MTEF-FANF-G 2U Systems Fan Module P2C Air flow with Shutters


930-9NFAN-00J6-000 MTEF-FANR-G2U Systems Fan Module C2P Air flow with ShuttersSN4600C
Power Supplies930-9BPSU-00JZ-000 


200G 1U systems 1100W AC Power Supply w/ P2C airflow



200G 1U systems 1100W AC Power Supply w/ C2P airflow

930-9NPSU-00J2-000 MTEF-PSF-AC-F1500W AC Power Supply, P2C Air flow SN4600, SN4410, SN4700
930-9NPSU-00JJ-000 MTEF-PSR-AC-F1500W AC Power Supply, C2P Air flow SN4600, SN4410, SN4700
Cables and Harnesses HAR000631N/ARS232 Cable - DB9 to RJ45 2M harness 2M for SX67X0 and SB78X0SN4410, SN4600/SN4600C, SN4700
ACC001449 N/APower Cord Gray 250V 10A 1830MM C14 TO C15 EUR + CCCSN4410, SN4600/SN4600C, SN4700
ACC001550N/APower Cord Black 110V 15A 1830MM C14 TO C15 ULSN4410, SN4600/SN4600C, SN4700