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Welcome ONIE user manual for NVIDIA Ethernet switches!

Open Ethernet switches come pre-installed with ONIE (Open Network Install Environment), a boot loader that provides an environment to install any Network OS on a bare metal switch system. ONIE allows end-users to automate the installation of the Network OS as part of data center provisioning similar to the way Linux servers are managed. ONIE is an Open Compute Project (OCP) open source initiative contributed by Cumulus Networks. 

Intended Audience

This document and the system is a bundle intended for system engineers and system developers interested in assembling their own OS on top of NVIDIA switch systems. The system provides an easy way to install a user-defined OS over a NVIDIA switch system.

This document contains instructions supplementary to the official ONIE documentation referenced in the “Related Documentation” section.

Related Documentation

The following table lists the documents referenced in this documentation.

Document NameDescription

ONIE Switch Release Notes

Provides an overview of the known issues and bug fixes.

Open Network Install Environment Overview

Open Network Install Environment User Guide
Open Network Install Environment x86 CPU Architecture Design

Common Abbreviations and Acronyms

Document NameDescription
ONIEOpen Network Install Environment
NOSNetwork OS