Installing UFM on Bare Metal Server- Standalone Mode

To install the UFM server software as a standalone for InfiniBand:

  1. Create a temporary directory (for example /tmp/ufm).

  2. Open the UFM software zip file that you downloaded. The zip file contains the following installation files:

    • RedHat 7/CentOS 7/OEL 7: ufm-X.X-XXX.el7.x86_64.tgz

    • RedHat 8/Centos 8: ufm-X.X-XXX.el8.x86_64.tgz

    • Ubuntu 18.04: ufm-X.X-XXX.Ubuntu18.x86_64.tgz

    • Ubuntu 20.04: ufm-X.X-XXX.Ubuntu20.x86_64.tgz

    • Ubuntu 22.04: ufm-X.X-XXX.Ubuntu22.x86_64.tgz

  3. Extract the installation file for your system's OS to the temporary directory that you created.

  4. From within the temporary directory, run the following command as root:




    Running with the option "-o ib" is no longer required. For automatic installation, use the -q flag.

    For “quiet” installation -q flag can be added (automatically answer yes for each question the installer asks).


    Export MULTISUBNET_CONSUMER=1 environment variable before running the installation script to install the UFM server in Multisubnet Consumer mode.

The UFM software is installed. You can now remove the temporary directory.

Last updated on Dec 11, 2023.