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July 30, 20202.50Mellanox WinOf-2 SW Backchannel DiagnosticsNew section
DSCP Based QoSNew section
DevX InterfaceNew section
VF’s DHCP RedirectionsNew section
Additional MAC Addresses for the Network AdapterNew section
Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Hint in CQENew section
Resource DumpNew section
ResourceDump Registry KeysNew section
Temperature UtilityNew section
Features Status UtilityNew section
Display RSS InformationNew section
Resource Dump UtilityNew section
NVIDIA Mellanox BlueField SmartNIC ModeNew section
RShim Drivers and UsageNew section
Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Diagnostics

Added the following new counters:

  • Quota Exceeded Command
  • Send Queue Priority Update Flow
Dump Me Now (DMN) Registry KeysAdded a new registry key "DumpMeNowDumpMask"
Mellanox WinOF-2 Receive Datapath / Mellanox WinOF-2 PCI Device DiagnosticAdded ECN related software counters
Event Logs

Removed Event ID: 0x100

Reported Driver EventsAdded the following few events: 0x193-0x19C and removed Even ID: 0x0100
Mellanox WinOF-2 PCI Device Diagnostic.Added "Available PCI BW/Sec" and "Used PCI BW/Sec" counters
April 06, 20202.40.51000N/ANo changes to the User Manual
March 03, 20202.40Live Firmware PatchNew section
Using Network Direct with Mellanox Adapters.New section
Striding RQNew section
Management UtilitiesAdded Firmware Capabilities Utility

Updated the following sub-sections:

  • Dumps and Incident Folders
  • State Dumping (via Dump Me Now)
Mellanox WinOF-2 Receive DatapathAdded Strided Wqes register
Receive Side Scaling (RSS)Added RSSv2 sub-keys
Performance Registry KeysAdded RSSv2, StridingRqEnabled and NumberOfStrides registry keys
Reported Driver EventsAdded events 0x0190 & 0x0191
Ethernet Registry Keys

Added the the RelaxedOrderingWrite & VFAllowedRelaxedOrdering registers

Adapter Cards Counters.

Added the following counters:

  • Mellanox WinOF-2 Port QoS:
    • Packets received discarded
  • Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Diagnostics:  
    • Quota exceeded command
    • Send queue priority update flow
  • Mellanox WinOF-2 Port Traffic:
    • Packets Received jabbers Error
    • Packets Received Frame undersize error
    • Packets Received unsupported opcode error
    • Packets Received Frame too long Error
    • Packets Received fragments Error
  • Mellanox WinOF-2 Device Diagnostics:
    • Internal RQ out of buffer
  • Mellanox WinOF-2 PCI Device Diagnostic
    • PCI link width the current width of PCIe link
    • PCI link speed the current speed of PCIe link
  • Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Port Traffic
    • Mac Anti-Spoofing Packets Discarded

    • Mac Anti-Spoofing Bytes Discarded

    • Vlan Anti-Spoofing Packets Discarded

    • Vlan Anti-Spoofing Bytes Discarded

    • Allowed EthType Anti-Spoofing Packets Discarded

    • Allowed EthType Anti-Spoofing Bytes Discarded

September 20, 20192.30NIC TeamingNew section
Zero Touch RoCE ParametersNew parameter to configure Zero Touch RoCE Facilities
Mellanox WinOF-2 Diagnostics Extension 1.New Diagnostic Counters
Performance Registry KeysA new performance registry key (MaxCallsToNdisIndicate)
Ethernet Registry KeysUpdated the RoceMaxFrameSize registry keys values
Reported Driver EventsUpdated error event 0x0042, added "rfr 0x<K>".
April 31, 2019
Zero Touch RoCENew section
Hardware TimestampingNew section
Get-NetView UtilityNew section
Ethernet Registry Keys

As of WinOF-2 v2.20, these registry keys can be changed dynamically:

  • DelayDropTimeout
  • TCHeadOfQueueLifeTimeLimit
  • TCHeadOfQueueLifeTimeLimitEnable
  • TCStallCount
  • TCStallEnable
  • DeviceRxStallTimeout
  • DeviceRxStallWatermark
InfiniBand Related TroubleshootingAdded a new Issue "No link over ConnectX-6 IB VF."
Reported Driver Events

Added the following Event IDs:

Dec 03, 20182.10

Mellanox WinOF-2 Port Diagnostics

New section

Mellanox WinOF-2 VF Internal Traffic Counters

New section

Controlling VF Internal Traffic Counters

New section

Dump PDDR Information

New section

Sniffer Utility

Updated the section. Now the tool is supported in IB as well.

RDMA Registry Keys

Added the NetworkDirectAdminOnly registry key.

Basic Registry Keys

Added the *NetworkDirectTechnology registry key.