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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ConnectX5VPIOCP2DEV and version 2.3


There is one bi-color (yellow/green) I/O LED per port to indicate link status located on the adapter card.


LED Behavior

Beacon command for locating the cardBlinks yellow at 1Hz


Blinks yellow at 4Hz until error is resolved. The reason for the error may be:

  • Failure of I2C access to the port
  • • Over-current conditions of the port

Link Activity

Blinks green reflecting the link speed

Link Up

Constant green light

FRU EEPROM allows the baseboard to identify different types of Mezzanine cards. MEZZ FRU EEPROM is accessible through MEZZ_SMCLK and MEZZ_SMDATA (Connector A18 and A19). MEZZ FRU EEPROM address is 0xA2 and its capacity is 2Kb.


ConnectX-5 technology maintains support for manageability through a BMC. ConnectX-5 PCIe stand-up adapter can be connected to a BMC using MCTP over SMBus or MCTP over PCIe protocols as if it is a standard Mellanox NVIDIA PCIe stand-up adapter. For configuring the adapter for the specific manageability solution in use by the server, please contact Mellanox NVIDIA Support.

Voltage Regulators