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Firmware Upgrade

If the machine has a standard Mellanox card with an older firmware version, the firmware will be updated automatically as part of the installation of the WinOF package.

For information on how to upgrade firmware manually please refer to the MFT User Manual at → Products → InfiniBand/VPI Drivers → Firmware Tools.

Upgrading Mellanox WinOF Driver

The upgrade process differs between various operating systems.

  • When upgrading from an Inbox version or any other one, the network configuration is automatically saved upon driver upgrade
  • Windows Server 2012 and above:
    • When upgrading from WinOF version 4.2 to version 4.40 and above, the MLNX_WinOF driver does not completely uninstall the previous version, but rather upgrades only the components that require upgrade. The network configuration is saved upon driver upgrade.
    • When upgrading from Inbox or any other version, the network configuration is automatically saved upon driver upgrade, except for the RoCE mode that will be changed to V2.
      For further details, please see RoCE Default Configuration.